1,000 poor but deserving students benefit from financial aid


BAGUIO CITY, November 05 – A total of 1,000 poor but deserving students in the city’s 128 barangays were identified as the beneficiaries of an educational financial assistance program devised to help indigent individuals achieve a higher degree of education.

Rep. Bernardo M. Vergara, who continued the scholarship program crafted by former congressman and now mayor Mauricio G. Domogan, said each student stands to receive a maximum of P7,000 per semester as financial assistance in order to allow them to continue going to school despite their status.

However, the veteran lawmaker explained the financial assistance to the indigent students will be directly paid to the school where they are enrolled to cover the bulk of their tuition and miscellaneous fees so that they will not be tempted to use the same for other purposes which might compromise their studies.

The beneficiaries are bonafide residents of the city’s barangays and registered voters either in the regular roster or in the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) with a minimum grade of 80 percent for each subject that they have enrolled in during the semester preceding the current semester.

According to Vergara, the P7 million fund for the program this semester will be sourced out from his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and that the same will be institutionalized so that there will be a gradual increase in the number of beneficiaries annually.


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Mayor orders clearing of city from vagrants, mendicants

BAGUIO CITY, November 05 – As part of the massive cleanup operations being done citywide, the city government here ordered the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) to conduct clearing operations around the city’s central business district so that vagrants and mendicants will be prevented from sleeping underneath overpasses in different parts of Burnham Park.

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan came out with the directive after reports reaching the Alay sa Kalinisan, the city’s partner in its clean and green efforts, showed vagrants and mendicants have significantly increased and are using overpasses and some parts of Burnham park as their lodging areas.

Worst, when they leave their places, it is very dirty considering that cartoons and newspapers used as mats are left behind thereby making it difficult for street sweepers to clean such areas.

Because of the expected increase in vagrants and mendicants this Yuletide season, Domogan directed the police and the social welfare and development office to intensify their operations against them so that they will be sent back to their places of origin the soonest before they loiter around the city and contribute to the city’s problems.

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Council approves budget for garbage solution.

BAGUIO CITY – The city council Thursday approved a P128 million appropriation for the procurement of an “appropriate and most beneficial technology” for the city’s solid waste management program and authorized Mayor Mauricio Domogan to pursue a deal for this purpose.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan who attended the session pushed for the approval of the outlay to enable the city to explore alternative means of waste management pending the implementation of the engineered sanitary landfill project and finally put a stop to the out-of-town hauling service that is draining the city’s finances.

The body at the outset approved the reversion of the amount which was earlier earmarked for various solid waste management projects that were not pushed through in the past but took time in deciding on appropriating said amount for the requested technology expressing wariness of the procedures involved in the acquisition and the effectiveness of the technology being preferred by the executive department.

The mayor however assured them that the procedures under the procurement law or Republic Act No. 9184 will be strictly followed in all the transactions to avoid any legal problem.

He also vowed to involve everyone in the selection of the technology to ensure that only the best and most beneficial will be pursued.

He also acquiesced to the body’s condition that no payment will be made until the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the deal has been confirmed by the city council.

Along with the reversion and appropriation, the body also voted to give the mayor authority to open a Letter of Credit with the Land Bank of the Philippines, if necessary, as a requirement for the importation of the equipment and dump trucks.

In an earlier session, the body approved the realignment of P29 million for the stabilization of the Irisan dumpsite.

The City Solid Waste Management Board which the mayor heads earlier adopted the Environmental Recycling System (ERS) which employs the mechanical conversion of large amounts of biodegradable wastes into high-grade fertilizer as the best waste management technology among the offers received by the city.

An ERS machine could convert 48 tons of biodegradable wastes into compost per day which the mayor said is ideal for the city which churns out a daily waste output of 160 tons, 66 tons of which are biodegradable.

Attached in the offer would be the installation and commissioning of the machines by Japanese technicians and training of city personnel who will be in charge of the operation with a one-year warranty to be undertaken by the Manila-based Pro Tech Machinery Corporation as the authorized representative of the Japanese company Shimizu and Company Ltd. to the Philippines.

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Happy Hallow CADT finally awarded

After two decades of struggle, Happy Hallow Kankanaey and Ibaloi clans finally got their Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT) from the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples which formally awarded it last October 15.

Local and national officials led by Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan attended the formal awarding of the CADT which came more than a year after its registration with the Register of Deeds of Baguio City.

It covers an area of 1,464182 sq. m. of land with about 800 households or more than 2000 individuals.

Mayor Domogan in his message during the awarding ceremony praised the Happy Hallow residents for their unrelenting pursuit for their domain title despite the long and arduous process that took twenty years to bear fruit. This only proves that no matter how hard the problem is if there is cooperation and unity, things are bound to go as it should be.

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No height limitations for Baguio structures - Mayor

BAGUIO CITY, October 29 – Contrary to perceptions that high rise structures are banned in the city due to alleged geological disadvantages, Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan clarifiedthat the city government is not imposing restrictions on the height of buildings to be built in the country’s Summer Capital.

However, the local chief executive explained the determination of the height of a building to be constructed in any part of the city will depend on the outcome of the soil tests to be conducted by experts so that the handling capacity of the soil coupled with the use of the appropriate structural engineering methods and materials for a building will be established.

While the July 16, 1990 killer earthquake caused high rise structures in the city then to collapse, Domogan disclosed findings of experts who repeatedly studied the situation that showed the unfortunate destruction to buildings then was due to alleged poor structural design, thus magnifying the earthquake damage and claiming hundreds of innocent lives.

Because of the scenario right after the earthquake, concerned government agencies and the city government devised appropriate measures to ascertain the stability of a certain area as well as its capacity in order to regulate the putting up of high rise structures, thus, the need for investors to first conduct the mandatory soil test and geological assessment of the area prior to planning and constructing a high rise structure.

According to the city mayor, prospective investors should not fear the height limitations being imposed on buildings to be constructed because the state of the structure to be built will solely depend on the outcome of the soil tests and geological assessment to be done by no less than experts who are familiar with the situation of the city.

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