City turns cyber on health

BAGUIO CITY – health services in this mountain resort has gone high tech, thanks to the first government run inter-active website made available to young adults.

The web based project dubbed "Bonjing E-Inquiry", a program designed to answer queries of young people on teenage pregnancies, premarital sex, contraception, substance abuse, sexually transmitted infections and HIV infection, has been organized.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan approved Administrative order 80, series of 2012 putting in black and white the composition of the Team Bonjing E-Inquiry Management Committee (Team Bonjing) to assure young adults of accurate and proper information on these sensitive concerns.

The 'Bonjing electronic inquiry' gives young adults a venue to express private issues and concerns on their sexual and reproductive health which does not require physical presence.

Young clients who wish to avail of this service just need to key-in and simply register to immediately avail of online services.

The 'Team Bonjing' is headed by Dr. Celia Flor Brillantes who will oversee the whole operation of the e-inquiry with ten consultants and other bonjing members tasked to provide answers to inquiries, provide technical support and other services.

Aside from the online service, Team Bonjing has placed drop boxes in pilot schools and has opened 'Young People's Hotline' and SMS for youngsters who want to seek information if the internet is not accessible.

The Bonjing E-Inquiry is the first government run inter-active website dedicated to young people.

It was recognized as the 'Best E-Practices' in internet-based public service for young adults in the Asia Pacific on August, 2005 in Taipei which contributed to the recognition of Baguio City as an emerging 'Catalytic Action for HIV and AIDS Mitigation Programme (CHAMP) from the Local Government Academy-HIV Program. Paul rillorta

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