Two foreign companies eye city's waste potential

BAGUIO CITY – the Solid Waste management Board Thursday (July 4) met with two potential companies planning to put up a 'waste to energy' facility here.

In the meeting, representatives from both companies expressed their desire to Mayor Mauricio Domogan in entering into an agreement with the city government to put up a waste-to-energy plant in the city on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) scheme.

The first company proposes a thermal Conversion waste to energy facility wherein the city is required to produce 200 tons of garbage per day.

In turn, the company converts the waste into electricity which will be sold as a source of income.

The second company also proposes a similar facility but the waste will be processed into coal pellets.

The coal will then be sold to coal power fueled plants and cement factories in the country.

Both proponents will shoulder all expenses prior to the building and installation of the facility and will give a P30 million cash bond.

The companies are also willing to sponsor for free, a technical team composed of six persons from the city government to observe the operation of the machines in the United Kingdom and Belgium.

Domogan said, "A joint venture into renewable energy can be a boost for the city in terms of revenue and a modern waste disposal system that could help neighboring LGU's."

He said, 'the city is weighing other options that can address solid wastes concerns and is still open to the possibility of an Engineered Sanitary Landfill (ESL) site in Ampucao or the waste to energy facility in Tuba, Benguet or the two foreign proponents whichever comes first".

"In our part, I think we can deliver 200 tons of garbage required by these facilities in a daily basis if we include wastes from our malls, hotels and economic zone locators', Domogan stressed.

Domogan said, the foreign proposals are promising but will still have to undergo deliberations by the city council. Paul rillorta

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