Burnham fencing on its way to completion

BAGUIO CITY – From over 700 spans of fence needing sponsors to secure the perimeter of Burnham Park, it is now down to 75 spans to complete the ambitious yet novel fencing project.

This was gathered during the meeting of the Burnham Park Fencing Committee last July 5.

It was informed that a total of 151 spans of fence remain for adoption and construction but out of the total, 76 spans can be funded by the P4 million balance from the P25 million fund provided by President Benigno S. Aquino for the project thus leaving 75 spans for adoption by private or public groups or individuals.

The project was hatched by Bishop Carlito J. Cenzon through his eponymous foundation in 2008 and was implemented by the foundation through the fencing committee in coordination with the city government.

It was considered novel and at the same time ambitious as the spans of fence were put out for "adoption" and built through funds donated by these benefactors from the private or public sectors.

The project gained more headway when the President through the Dept. of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) allocated a counterpart fund of P25 million which financed more than 400 or more than half of the spans needed.

Mayor Domogan hailed the project as another concrete testimonial to the lasting private-public sector cooperation that he said has been the key to the city's progress. – A Refuerzo

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