Barangays urged to address parking problem

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan on Monday urged barangay officials to address the problem on parking along barangay roads by allotting available lots within their jurisdiction as a common parking space for lease to vehicle-owning residents.

"I encourage the barangays to look for empty lots and designate the same as common parking spaces where vehicle owners can park for a fee. This could solve the parking problem and at the same time become a revenue source for the barangays," the mayor said.

He said the barangays could follow the lead of Pinsao Pilot and other barangays which designated a vacant lot as parking space for its residents saying the system has really worked for these barangays.

The mayor however asked residents with available spaces in their residences to prioritize the parking of their own vehicles within their properties to avoid adding to the problem.

But for those who really have no option for parking, the common parking area will be the best remedy, he said.

He said barangay roads along with city and national roads must be cleared of parked vehicles as they are often used as alternate routes when main roads are saturated especially during rush hours.

The rampant parking along barangay roads has been blamed for traffic congestions and delay in the delivery of services like during garbage collection schedules and emergency situations like fire incidents. – A Refuerzo

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