Dads weighs rate for Mines view stalls

BAGUIO CITY – the City Council has put on hold approval of the proposed ordinance of Councilor Perlita Chan Rondez which prescribes the rates and allocation of guidelines for stalls in the newly constructed Mines View Multi-purpose building here.

Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas approved Monday another request from Mines View Barangay Chairman Antero Buswilan, Jr. for another week before it acts on the measure in hopes of finding a win-win solution to the dilemma being faced by concessionaires there.

This as vendors appealed for more time to assess and give their feedbacks on the rates which will be imposed by the city.

The vendors claimed spaces for stall allocated to them are small and that costs of recovery of the building should not include the space that will be occupied by the Mines View Barangay hall and Day Care Center.

They even pointed out that the computed cost for operation and maintenance of the building seems to be too much for them to handle.

However, City Budget Officer Atty. Leticia Clemente revealed the cost of recovery of the building does not include the Mines View Barangay Hall and Day Care Center as it is already deducted from the total cost of the building.

Clemente said, 'the 50 million previously computed as cost to recover investment of the city from the building is now down to 42 million as 8 million has already been removed for the cost of the barangay hall and the day care center.

She also said, the city is also willing to adjust the recovery period from 15 years, as previously computed to 20 years entailing the vendors to pay on a monthly basis rental rates from P3,000 to as low as P1,200 from its rate of P5,000 to as low as P2,000 per stall.

Clemente said,' the proposed rates which they have submitted has been based on study and the vendors will no longer pay for utilities and services for the said building'.

'It's all there, including the buildings upkeep, maintenance and security', she said.

'We are willing to stretch the recovery period of 15 years to 20 years so they will pay monthly rentals at a lower costs', Clemente said.

Meantime, Mayor Mauricio Domogan hopes the city council will approve already the rates fixed by the Local Finance Committee (LFC) the soonest.

Domogan said, 'if the rates are approved, then vendors can already occupy the stalls designated to them so rehabilitation and restoration can start at the Mines View Park'.

'I believe the rates are very reasonable, we have already approved their requests several times', Domogan said.

'They have to understand that the city has to recover its expenses for the building', He added.

Domogan intimated the real purpose of the construction of the multi-purpose building is to house vendors who will be removed from the Mines View Park vicinity in order to bring back the beauty and elegance of the Park. ***paul rillorta

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