Mayor forms bodies to jumpstart work on streetlight project

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week formed three bodies to jumpstart the bidding of the streetlight replacement and management venture using the Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.

In Administrative Order No. 77, the mayor created a special bids and awards committee, the technical working group and secretariat to expedite the processing of procurement documents and facilitate the bidding.

The project involves the replacement of all existing streetlights, park lights and all other lights located at overpasses, flyovers and city government-owned buildings and including repair and maintenance with LED bulbs and repair and the maintenance on a private-public partnership and a cost-savings share scheme.

The mayor said the city is now ready to expedite the project which he earlier committed to fast-track.

An inventory of the city's streetlights was completed recently to firm up the terms of reference for the venture approved by the city council.

The bids committee will be chaired by city administrator Carlos Canilao and city budget officer Leticia Clemente.

Assistant city accountant Almaya Addawe will chair the technical working group while the secretariat will be led by administrative officer Arnulgo Baldos.

As per the approved TOR, the deal will involve the replacement of all streetlights, park lights, including lights in overpasses, flyovers and City Government owned buildings and facilities.

The deal aims to enable the city government to cut on electric cost which presently runs to more or less P38 million a year using energy saving bulbs having a longer life span and environmentally friendly that do not bring damage to people's health. – A Refuerzo

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