Malacanan Releases P80 Million for Irisan Dumpsite Closure

Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week bared the release of P80 million from the national government for the conversion of the closed Irisan garbage dump into an eco-park even as city officials met anew on a proposed P86 million outlay for the hauling out of non-biodegradable trash this year to an engineered sanitary land-fill (ESL) in Capas, Tarlac.

Domogan acknowledged President Aquino's hand in the release of the P80 million subsidy and Baguio Rep. Bernardo Vergara's follow-up work for the issuance of a Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) covering the amount for the rehabilitation and permanent closure of the dumpsite.

"Hopefully, the amount would be sufficient and that we could speed up the bidding for the project, as its completion might be delayed by the unpredictable weather we have," the mayor told a joint executive-legislative meeting last Wednesday.

Release of the subsidy came on the heels of Domogan's signing a joint manifestation of support with mayor Oscar Camantiles of Itogon, Benguet for the establishment of an ESL in the town to answer the city's need for a nearby solid waste disposal area.

Still, it looks like the city has no choice but to continue hauling its garbage to Capas, Tarlac as it would take time to obtain social acceptability, environmental compliance certificate and other requirements to build and operate the ESL at barangay Ampucao.

In the city officials' meeting, city environment and parks management officer Cordelia Lacsamana submitted a budget proposal of P86 million to cover costs of hauling the city's burgeoning garbage to Capas this year.

She said the amount, which is on top of her office's outlay of P51 million under the city's current budget of P1.168 billion, would be for garbage hauling, tipping fees, manpower costs, fuel, road users tax and other expenses.

This would mean the realignment of old appropriations covering projects not yet implemented, the mayor said during his regular meet-the-press forum last Wednesday afternoon.

City councilor Peter Fianza, however, called on Lacsamana to study if it would be more practical to stop the operation of the two Environmental Recycling System (ERS) machines which are not on full capacity yet are still costly to maintain like they are on full operation

Fianza said the combined daily feed of 15 tons is far from the 48-ton capacity of the two machines, initially due to the low volume of lack of biodegradable waste to be processed and, recently, the need to replace the damaged boilers of the gadgets.

Lacsamana, however, said the machines the city bought at P64 million each from Pro Tech Machineries, have to be maintained as the dumpsite in Capas, as a rule, accepts only non-biodegradable waste.

She also explained the recent slow-down in the collection of garbage from the barangays was due to the lack of a staging area, prompting the direct transfer of trashfrom city trucks to rented trucks bound for Capas. The truck-to-truck scheme delayed city haulers in making the rounds.

The collection crews shifted to truck-to-truck loading after residents near the Irisan Lime Kilns recently protested its use as the staging area due to the odor emanating from it.

Even as city officials continue seeking permanent solutions to the trash problem, mayor Domogan called anew on residents to observe segregation, recycling and backyard composting to reduce the volume and costs of garbage management and disposal.

The daily garbage output has risen to over 300 tons.

The mayor said the city is now preparing to bid out the retaining wall project which he said has to be fast-tracked considering the proximity of the typhoon season.

The program of work for the project was prepared by the city engineer's office based on the plan drawn up by a technical working group composed of engineering experts from the city government and private entities including the engineering departments of top universities here.

Based on the plan prepared by Engr. III Samuel Salvador of the city engineer's office, the project would cover the following scope of work: structure excavation; cutting of existing pavement; breaking of existing dilapidated pavement; breaking of boulders; base preparation; construction of box culvert, open canal, canal with gratings and pathwalk; concrete pavement; reinforced concrete retaining wall; septic tank; litter fence; reformation, benching and stabilization of slope; grouting works; final cover; gas vents; grouted riprap; suction pump ; manhole; and hauling of materials.

Salvador said that with the reduction of the fund from P100 million to P80 million, the technical committee will review the plan to adjust the scope of work based on the approved budget.

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