Peace and order pivotal for a good local economy

BAGUIO CITY, April 08 – The presence of a good peace and order program crafted through consistent consultations with all stakeholders will be able to restore the vitality of the economy of this Summer Capital of the Philippines.

According to him, once given the chance to be back as the city’s local chief executive, he will initiate frequent consultations among law enforcers, school officials, parents and teachers and barangay officials to come out with a sustainable and attainable peace and order program like what he had been doing when he was the “janitor” of the city from 1992 to 2001.

Aside from the frequent consultations with concerned stakeholders, Domogan revealed that sufficient funding support must be extended by the city government to the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) and the barangays to empower them to work for sustained peace and order efforts in the grassroots level.

During Mondays, Domogan said, he will conduct meetings with concerned law enforcement agencies to thresh out current problems  affecting the peace and order situation and to formulate appropriate strategies on how to deal with these.

Furthermore, Wednesdays will be devoted to consultations with school principals, parents and the community leaders to be represented by in order to consistently remind them of their commitment to discipline their children or the youth, to instill in them the importance of keeping students busy so they will not have any idle time left to be devoted to organizing fraternities and other interest groups that are frequently involved in violent incidents.

During the previous years, Baguio has been depicted as a violent city at night because of teenage “gang wars” that were aired in various national and local television programs.

Domogan asserted there is a need to sustain concrete and definite plans of the local government and the private sector to keep the youth busy and allow them to become productive citizens rather than being exposed to vices that lead to crime.

While there are unavoidable circumstances leading to criminal activities, Domogan emphasized that both the government and the private sectors must have complimentary wholistic programs to achieve an ideal peace and order situation which will result in a more vibrant economy like the way it was in the year 2000.**

By Dexter A. See


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