City government get good remarks on energy audit

The city government of Baguio was given a high rating of 85.9 percent on energy efficiency and conservation by the Department of Energy as a result of an on-the-spot walkthrough energy inspection lately.

The DOE have furnished the result of the inspection to city government over the week announcing that the City Hall implements energy efficiency and conservation measures in their facilities despite the lack of an official memorandum or documented policy that imposes such guideline.

The energy audit team composed of DOE's senior science research specialists: Joan Escalona, Christian Harris Hernaez and Marc Venson Chua. In a copy of the report, the team commended the optimization of natural lighting and ventilation with the big windows of the City Hall.

Use of air-conditioning units in the City Hall were noted to be very minimal and found to be switched-off when not in use but the energy audit team recommended the installation of shading or glass tints on window panels which are exposed to direct sunlight to reduce heat load in the rooms. The DOE also recommended that the existing low Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) conventional air-conditioning units be replaced with high EERs or inverter types to save about 20-40 percent of the AC consumption.

As to the lighting system, the energy audit team lauds the use of light emission diode (LED) lamps and tubes in most of the City Hall fixtures. The team noted the use of white paint on the walls and ceilings have resulted to the increase of the overall luminance level of the building.

For the other office equipment using electricity, the DOE team observed a good practice of computers turned-off when not in use as well as the electrical appliances were unplugged after use. However, the energy audit team recommends "gradually shift from using desktop units to laptop units on some minor clerical work stations."

On fuel efficiency and conservation, the city government was given a good feedback for maximizing trips and providing fuel efficient driving trainings to its personnel. The conduct of regular preventive maintenance for official service vehicles and avoiding idling engines while parked were also considered as best practices in fuel conservation.

Meantime, the DOE team recommended that there should be an Energy Conservation Officer in the LGU with corresponding team as a committee who shall be in charge with the overall supervision and implementation of energy efficiency and conservation measures in the building.

Prior to receiving the DOE energy audit report, Mayor Mauricio Domogan already issued Memorandum No. 55 series of 2019 directing the General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan to monitor electric and fuel consumption of the city government in compliance with the energy efficiency and conservation program of the national government. The mayor also directed the preparation and submission of semi-annual report to the DOE.****

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