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BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan and Building Official Nazita Banez called on residents here to cooperate in the on-going census of buildings and structures being conducted by the City Buildings and Architecture Office.

The first inventory project to be done in the city since the CBAO was created in 2004, the project was pilot-tested in June last year and fully implemented last January.

It aims to establish a data base of all buildings in the city, their ownership, location and compliance to the National Building Code of the Philippines and other laws including Presidential Decree 17 particularly the provision "prohibiting encroachments/usurpations of any portion of road right-of-way" and Presidential Decree 296 "Directing all persons, national or juridical to renounce possession and move out of portions of rivers, creeks, esteros, drainage channels and other similar waterways encroached upon by them..."

"Please cooperate with the census-takers by providing the information being sought. We need these data to guide us in our plans and programs," the mayor said

Banez said residents need not worry that their structures will be subjected to demolition as a result of the census stressing that demolition matters need to undergo a process.

If ever, structures that will be subjected to summary demolition will only be those in the process of construction and not covered by permits especially those within the hazardous and non-buildable areas such as steep slopes, road right-of-ways, waterways and parks.

Banez they resolved to implement this strictly in the aftermath of typhoon Ompong in September last year after learning that most of the structures affected by the typhoon were not covered by building permits and built along high risk areas.

"It is for our own safety because if this will be tolerated, then those that insist on building their homes along these danger zones will be the same ones who will suffer when calamities strike," Banez said.

Administrative Officer II Rustom Dayao of the CBAO said that as now, they had surveyed a total of 25 barangays mostly at the central business district.

"We are about to move on to the rest of the 128 barangays outside the CBD so we reiterate that there is no need to fear giving information on the buildings. This census will not mean that your buildings will be demolished," she said.

The CBAO said that with the data base, they will have a list of buildings that are covered and not covered by permits, not compliant with the minimum required setback, have converted parking spaces, located within protected areas and those that are considered important cultural properties.

The project is targeted to run for a year targeting an estimate of 90,000 structures in the city. – Aileen P. Refuerzo

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