Electrical connections dialogue on

BAGUIO CITY - Due to discrepancies in the number of applications and approved electrical service connection at the Benguet Electric Cooperative (BENECO) and Special Services Office, City Mayor's Office (SSD-CMO), a dialogue shall be conducted as with the revision of several documents for said application.

This was the pronouncement of Mayor Mauricio Domogan after listening to statements from the concerned agencies last week at city hall.

It was learned that BENECO has processed at least Five Thousand applications, while the SSD-CMO has only more than Three Thousand documents on record. The SSD-CMO issues the application form and should be, with the City Engineers Office, among the last offices to process the same.

Some applications have only one number, while several applications have been filed with the old administration, as among the violations discovered.

It was during the old administration that an amnesty through an ordinance, for electric connection was granted to buildings without permits. The practice however extended up to this administration. Mayor Domogan however said that electrical connections are basic needs specially for city-dwellers. "Let us not begrudge them of this necessity," he added.

This (the amnesty), he however emphasized, should not be used to deter government action in case of demolition of buildings without permit.

More stringent action should be done instead to control dubious documents into approval and eventual usage in constructions, the mayor said.

Processing for electrical connection undergoes application for service connection, inspection through a licensed electrical engineer/contractor, afterwhich a permit for service connection is given.

The form to be revised shall be the subject of a meeting, between and among the mayor, BENECO, SSD-CMO, Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers (IIEE), with recommendations from the CEO. An investigation by the CEO shall also be done.

A review of the ordinance on the amnesty shall also be done, the mayor ended. 

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