Smokers at City Hall warned anew

BAGUIO CITY -- "Government workers who will be found violating the city's anti-smoking ordinance will not only be meted the proper penalties but may also be charged administratively."

Councilor Joel Alangsab gave this warning in a press conference during the launching Monday of the Revolution Smoke-Free campaign at the Baguio City Economic Zone (BCEZ) in Loakan by the Department of Health and Philippine Economic Zone Authority-BCEZ, in partnership with the World Health Organization and city government.

As the principal author of the Smoke-Free Baguio Ordinance (Ord. 34, series of 2017), Alangsab said that as public servants, those in government should lead by example in following the city's rules and regulations.

"City Hall officials and employees who insist on smoking should go home instead and do so inside their private property," he stressed. Alangsab added that requests for a designating smoking area (DSA) at City Hall is expressly prohibited by the ordinance since the former is a public building and near a school.

"City Hall is a smoke-free zone as far as the ordinance is concerned," he stressed.

Alangsab is echoing Mayor Mauricio Domogan's earlier pleas for public servants to quit smoking and lead by example. Those who are having a difficult time quitting are encouraged to join the free smoke-cessation programs at the Health Services Office under Dr. Rowena Galpo.

"Smokers don't have the right to smoke but everybody has the right to breathe clean and tobacco-free air," the alderman said.

The ordinance prohibits the use, sale, distribution, and advertisement of cigarettes and other tobacco products (including vape/e-cigarettes) in certain places and imposing penalties thereof.-gaby keith

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