Market development must be with the vendors - Domogan


Baguio City--  The development of the city’s public market is the best way to clean it up and address the traffic congestion in the central business district, mayoralty candidate Mauricio G. Domogan said this week and he will make it a priority when he returns as the city’s chief executive.

Domogan however said that the legitimate market vendors should be partners in any development initiative for the public market. “We cannot neglect the vendors. We should negotiate and strike a compromise with them including the Uniwide Corporation”. He however emphasize that it should now be the city that should finance the development and the only reason for Uniwide’s involvement is its having won the market development contract in 1995. This is the only way we can settle the market development problem,” he explained.

The city had a development plan for the public market in 1995 when Domogan was the city mayor. The matter however was brought to court by some vendors and it was stalled.  After more than a decade, the court finally ruled in favor of the city. The vendor appealed the case and is still pending in the Court of Appeals.

Domogan said that the development of the public market should be implemented at the earliest possible time. The plan is to build a four-storey building where the first and second floors would be occupied by the legitimate vendors at the dry and wet market. The third and fourth floors would be used as parking area for the PUVs (Public Utility Vehicles) currently using nearby streets as parking areas. This will free Kayang, Sandueta and other streets and the Hilltop area from obstruction and thus could be made clean.

Furthermore, Domogan said that the risk of fire would be reduced to the minimum and sanitation would be easier to maintain. So the public market as the show window of the city could be realized contrary to the present situation where it is an embarrassment. Furthermore, the solon noted that during his last term as Mayor in 1998, the General Service Insurance System (GSIS) refuse to insure the same as it is fire hazard.

It is interesting to note that despite the fact that temperate vegetables are being produced in Benguet and in other Cordillera provinces, they are always referred to as Baguio vegetables and tourists seek them at the public market.

Domogan hastened to add that an additional measure to solve the traffic congestion in the central business district is to construct an underground parking at the Melvin Jones but maintaining the football ground at the surface. The result would be that vehicles usually parked along Session Road, Harrison Road and other nearby streets would transfer there. He however said that the underground parking should be connected with Session Road and Harrison Road with separate underground subway service using  carts similar to those in golf courses. This is the best way to clear these parts of the CBD, Domogan added.*.


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