Uniform plans for school buildings questioned

BAGUIO CITY November 22 – Mayor Mauricio Domogan questioned the education department's central office for insisting to implement uniform project plans and specifications for school buildings in the different public elementary and high schools in the different parts of the city which do not conform with the situation in the locality and in violation of the approved comprehensive master development of the said schools.

The local chief executive claimed that the local government continuously receives negative reports from school officials regarding the questionable design of school structures being implemented by the education department which does not conform with the prevailing situation in the city considering that the said programs and project specifications are only suitable for lowland areas but not applicable to the mountainous terrain in the city and other parts of the Cordillera.

"Education officials should be mindful on the plight of local government and school officials from mountain regions like the Cordillera that the uniform designs being prepared in the central office are only suitable for the prevailing situation in the lowlands and not in the mountainous terrain in the region. We have raised the matter previously to a number of education officials but it seems the said concern might have fell on deaf ears," Domogan stressed.

Earlier, school officials of the Irisan National High School aired their grievance against a project being implemented by the education department's central office within the school compound that seem not to conform with the existing the situation in the limited land area of the school that prompted them to raised questions on the project design considering that it will affect the comprehensive master development plan of the school.

According to him, the education department's uniform design for schoolbuildings needs an allocation of P1.5 million per structure but in the case of the city the said budget will not be sufficient because of the need to do other works such as excavation, provision of slope protection among other needed interventions to ensure the structural integrity of the structures that will be built.

He disclosed that the problem of the city and regional offices of the education department on the project plans and specifications emanating from the central office without consultations with the concerned offices had been raised by local officials with Education Secretary Leonor Briones in the past but no concrete action has been done to address the valid concern of project implementors and recipients on the ground.

Domogan argued the project plans and specifications of school building projects in the lowlands is totally different from the prescribed project plans and specifications of similar structures in mountainous areas like Baguio city and the Cordillera because of the need to consider the requirements of the hauling of aggregates from the source to the project site, the distance from the source to the project site among others that entail added cost over and above the earmarked allocation.

He revealed that the failure of the central office to consider the plight of school officials on the ground will definitely result to the virtual mutilation of the comprehensive master development plans of schools and the incomplete structures that will be built aside from their questionable structural integrity. By Dexter A. See

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