Domogan transmits P2.175B 2019 budget to council

BAGUIO CITY October 23 – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan formally transmitted to the local legislative body for deliberation the proposed P2.175 billion annual budget of the local government for 2019.

The local chief executive claimed that the year 2018 marked a significant achievement in sustaining the development of the city in the face of rapid urbanization but the challenges to provide adequate services to exponentially growing population, confront the impacts of development projects to the environment and increase resiliency in the midst of vulnerability to disasters spur the city to continually uphold programs and activities identified in the approved development plants.

He revealed that the total provision for personal services of the local government amounts to P808,805,000 inclusive of the provision for the 4th tranche of the government's salary standardization in the amount of P39,672,996.00 which account for 37 percent of the annual budget.

On the other hand, an estimated amount of P676,623,000 was earmarked for the operational requirements of all departments of the local government representing 31 percent of the proposed budget.

"Through the years, austerity measures were put in place subscribing to the tenets of prudent spending," Domogan stressed in his budget message addressed to the members of the local legislative body.

He pointed out that social problem on solid waste is addressed by providing P92,000,000 aside from concerns of the wellbeing of the citizens, improvement and upgrading of the city's abattoir in the amount of P826,000 is earmarked for the purpose.

According to him, a total of P598,447,000 is earmarked for capital outlay expenditures including the development projects sourced out from the city's 20 percent development fund amounting to P179,474,000 wherein part of the appropriation contain amounts for the upgrade of various equipment for the city's frontline services to include purchase of dump trucks for garbage collection.

The 2019 annual budget of the local government will be sourced from the beginning balance amounting to P343,000,000 or 16 percent of the total budget; local internal sources, particularly tax revenue – P477,903,509 or 22 percent, non-tax revenue – P311,390,000 or 14 percent; external sources, particularly share from internal revenue allotment – 829,206,491 or 38 percent, share from economic zones – P210,000,000 or 10 percent and share from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) – P4 million.

Domogan asserted that next year's budget portrays the department heads stewardship of budget process that balances the city's desire for fiscal responsibility while preserving the high quality of service delivery developed through the years.

"Indeed, we have come so far in our plans towards the progress of our beloved city and we will remain steadfast in attaining our goals and objectives in conjunction with the Sustainable Development Goal No. 11, to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable," Domogan added.***By Dexter A. See

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