Slaughterhouse occupants told to pay rental arrears

BAGUIO CITY – The City Council advised occupants of the Sto. Nino-Slaughterhouse Compound to pay their unpaid rental fees to the City Government to avoid eviction and to be fair to other lessees dutifully their dues.

In Resolution No. 289 signed by Mayor Mauricio Domogan, the Body adopted the recommendation of its Committee on Appropriations and Finance to uphold the collection of the arrears based on the opinion of the Market Division of the City Treasury Office that the rate was minimal at P2/square meter/day.

Some tenants earlier appealed to the City Council for help to facilitate the reduction of the tax and lot rental saying they cannot afford the amount because of their low income.

The Market Division however said the rate applied to the bunkhouse occupants as per Baguio City Market Authority Resolution No. 010 Series of 2014 "has devalued peso purchasing power."

"City bunkhouses are fundamentally intended for the accommodation of incumbent government employees. The actual occupants, except Mr. Thaddeus Pagaduan of the City Veterinary Office, are merely heirs of previous employees," the Market Division noted.

The office said that to date, there are six (out of 12 delinquent occupants with combined delinquencies amounting to P916,040.

"Consenting to the reduction of fees will become prejudicial on the part of the occupants, including other areas in slaughter Compound because they have been dutifully paying their rental fees since June 2012 at the rate aforementioned," the office said.

"In view of the foregoing, the Committee respectfully recommends to advice the delinquent occupants to abide with BCMA Resolution No. 010, Series of 2014 to avoid eviction and to be fair with other occupants who are dutifully paying their rental fees. – Aileen P. Refuerzo

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