Outstanding, retirees and loyalty awardees to be feted in civil service program

BAGUIO CITY- Outstanding and loyal employees, and even retirees of the city's working force shall be honored in fitting ceremonies at a local hotel, this Friday, Sept. 28.

The program coincides with the 118th anniversary celebration of the Civil Service Commission, with the theme, "Lingkod Bayani: Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makabayan."

There are 40, 35, 30, 25, 20 15 and 10-year loyalty awardees to be honored during the ceremonies. City hall retirees since October 2017 to September 2018, numbering to 30 are presented during the ceremonies.

Employees who completed their master degrees while employed with the city government shall also be commended.

The month-long activities for the CSC anniversary started with a kick-off September 3; with raffle draws for employees for four Monday during the city hall flag-raising ceremonies.

City employees were also given optical, health and wellness services; reflexology, massage, basic laboratory procedures, blood-letting and lectures on diet and nutrition, last week. Employees also availed of haircut, nail and skin care services.

Community service and environmental awareness programs through tree-planting clean-up drives by city employees along Balili river and at the central business district were also made part of the anniversary celebration. –juliegfianza

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