City investments board tackles ppp proposals

BAGUIO CITY – The Baguio City Investments and Incentives Board (BCIIB) Wednesday convened to tackle proposals eyed for Public-Private Partnership ventures in the City.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan said the proposed projects both unsolicited and solicited were submitted to the Public-Private Partnership for the People Initiative (P4) Selection Committee chaired by City Budget Officer Leticia Clemente.

Among the unsolicited proposals presented were the lease of the Dominical Heritage Hill and Nature Park and the restoration, redevelopment and improvement of the Old Diplomat Hotel by the LKY Property Holdings Inc., the Enchanted Garden (lease of Botanical Garden) by the Megabuild JPG Dev't, Dinosaur Island Baguio and Redevelopment of Skating Rink at Burnham Park both by Thermozone Philippines Corp., Development, Operation and Management of Burnham Parking Center by the XRC Mall Developer, the 24/7 On-line Viewable and Verifiable Police Clearance Card and the creation of an Automated Processing and Issuance of Health Card with on-line application and verification platform both by Eastland Printlink Inc.

The two solicited proposals discussed were the Mines View Satellite Building renovation and the five-layer Car Parking Facility.

The mayor said the board will continue to evaluate proposals based on the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Ordinance No. 71-2017 or the Baguio City Investments and Incentives Code.

As per the Code, there are 12 preferred or priority investment areas for the City:

Green manufacturing or industries that are practicing waste minimization, pollution prevention, clean technology with environmental management system; creative industries covering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology and IT-enabled services, firm and performing arts productions;

Tourism-oriented and related establishments covering the establishment of convention centers, retirement villas and health care, wellness programs, five-star hotels and cultural preservation centers; pioneering strategic projects or projects that exhibit very high special economic returns;

Mass housing or the development of low-cost mass housing; water and energy resource development; research and development covering R&D activities, establishment of testing laboratories, centers of excellence and skills development institutions;

Ecologically sound liquid and waste management enterprise; mass transportation and facilities; sports facilities development that complies with international standards; PPP projects and preservation and development of historical and heritage sites.

The Board is expected to come up with an Investment Priorities Plan after conducting exhaustive researches and studies.

First approved in 2008 and later refined in 2012, the ordinance aims to boost the city's program to attract investors and to provide incentives to industries contributing to the city's economic development through the implementation of an investment priorities plan where the city will employ a registration system to ensure that the business would be "economically, technically and financially viable."

Under the measure, incentives will also be provided to registered enterprises based on the qualifications provided under the Code apart from those under the Local Government Code of 1991. – Aileen P. Refuerzo

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