City to source out funds for DRRM structure

BAGUIO CITY May 25 – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan said the local government is willing to use part of locally generated resources to complete the 8storey City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC) building located within the compound of the City Engineering office (CEO) in Lower QM which was recently inaugurated by city officials.

The local chief executive said that the local government can spare a substantial amount from whatever available source to complete the structure and provide whatever amenities and facilities needed to complete the DRRM requirements being imposed by the national government.

Initially, the local government was able to put up a 6-storey DRRM building but its foundation was made to handle an 8-storey structure that will complete the city's DRRM facilities in the said area.

"We will consult our finance officers to provide for the funding requirements for the completion of the two remaining structures of the building to complete whatever lacking DRRM facilities and amenities in the area. We have to make sure that our DRRM will completely be operational during the rainy months to cater to the needs of our constituents during the onslaught of natural and man-made calamities," Domogan stressed.

Earlier, the local government earmarked some P70 million from its available DRRM fund for the construction of its on-stop DRRM building in compliance with existing laws, rules and regulations wherein it will host the city's disaster operations center, evacuation center, multipurpose facility, training center among whatever required facilities and amenities.

Domogan underscored one of the priority programs of the local government is to enhance its DRRM capabilities to immediately cater to the needs of residents who are exposed to hazards during the onslaught of natural and man-made calamities, thus, the investments made on effective and efficient DRRM.

Under existing laws, rules and regulations, all local governments are mandated to allocate at least 5 percent of their annual budget for disaster risk reduction and management wherein 70 percent will be utilized for disaster prevention and mitigation while 30 percent will serve as quick response funds, especially during the height of natural and man-made calamities.

Domogan claimed the earlier programs of work for the construction of the city's DRRM was adjusted so that it foundation will be able to handle the planned two additional stories so that all DRRM offices, units of equipment and vehicles will be accommodated in the area to help in decongesting the city hall premises and provide convenience to the transacting public.

He claimed that the DRRM offices based in city hall will now transfer to their new building anytime so that the vacated spaces will be utilized by other offices that do not have permanent areas in the city hall like the City Public Order and Safety Division (POSD), thus, individuals who transact matters related to DRRM should already try visiting the new DRRM building within the compound of the CEO for convenience and for them to appreciate the facilities and amenities offered by the new building of the local government.

By Dexter A. See

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