60 thyroid cancer cases treated in BGHMC

BAGUIO CITY May 15 – Some sixty thyroid cancer cases are being treated in the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) annually which is considered to be over the supposed number of thyroid cancer cases from the number of goiter patients seeking medical attention.

Dr. Dennis M. Dominguez, a medical officer at the BGHMC's Department of Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat (EENT), disclosed that some 350 goiter patients are being treated in the hospital annually and approximately 60 individuals turnout to be suffering from thyroid cancer.

However, he said that thyroid cancer is curable, provided that, it will be detected early that is why it is still best for people who have goiter to immediately seek medical attention from the nearest health facility in their places.

Dominguez explained that of the 350 individuals who are diagnosed for thyroid problems, 200 to 250 of them undergo the required operation while the rest of them are given the needed medication from the health facility.

Supposedly, 5 percent of the total number of goiter cases being treated in the hospital suffer from thyroid cancer but recent data shows that the number of thyroid cancer cases being treated have exceeded the normal goiter cases.

He urged individuals who are able to detect bulging in their throat to immediately seek the opinion of medical officers from the nearest health facility so that they will be provided with the necessary medication or applied with the appropriate procedures to cure their health concerns and to prevent them from contracting the cancer that could compromise their health condition in the future.

According to him, there has been a constant increase in the number of individuals seeking medical attention from the hospital regarding their goiter problems that is why it is best to conclude the people are now aware of the expertise of BGHMC doctors in attending to their medical needs to effectively and efficiently address their health concerns.

BGHMC is classified to be a tertiary government hospital based in the country's undisputed Summer Capital that caters to the simple up to the complex medical needs of patients from the different parts of Northern Luzon.

He claimed that individuals should not wait for the inflation of their throat to worsen before seeking the proper medical advise from health experts so that their health condition could be immediately given the appropriate treatment so as not to compromise their health condition in the future once their situation will be in a latter stages of their acquired illness.

Dominguez assured the public that the hospital has sufficient number of health experts and units of medical equipment to cater to whatever medical requirements of patients wanting their health condition to be effectively and efficiently addressed for them to be able to live longer and enjoy life on earth.

Dominguez disclosed that almost 90 percent of those who were able to contract thyroid cancer suffer from what is described as good cancer while there is a remote possibility for people to acquire the bade cancer but what is important is for them to be given the appropriate treatment at the early stages of their illness.

By Dexter A. See

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