Mayor underscores importance of education in gainful employment

BAGUIO CITY May 15 – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan underscored the importance of having the required education for individuals to be able to land in gainful employment both in the government, the private sector or even in putting up their desired business.

The local chief executive expressed his gratitude to the role of the educators in molding the youth to become productive, responsible and dedicated citizens of the city and for them to contribute in moving Baguio to where it is situated to date.

"Education plays an important role in charting the future of the youth because it is the best inheritance that parents and guardians could give their children as it could not be easily taken away from the, easily," Domogan stressed.

He said educational attainment is one of the major qualifications to be able to enter the government service, thus, the youth must value the importance of acquiring higher level of education so that they will be qualified for the different positions that will be made available to them in the future.

According to him, educators played a vital role in what people in the public service have achieved in their career, thus, it is worthy for them to express their gratitude to the teachers and school officials who guided them in their quest to acquire their desired degree which they are now using to further advance their career in whatever their profession.

He explained that the city's street sweepers and garbage collectors were lucky since the implementation of the government's salary standardization in the early 1990s because they were given one year to comply with the minimum educational requirements that is why they were able to be employed as permanent employees of the local government.

However, he claimed that it was unfortunate for those employees of Burnham Park who opted to stay with the Department of tourism (DOT) when the agency took over the management, operation and administration of the city's premier park through the National Parks Development Committee under the former Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) because their employer failed to take the appropriate action for them to become permanent employees of the said agency.

He added that some of the park workers decided to pursue their education through the Alternative Learning system (ALS) but some of them were not able to hurdle the requirements that is why they remain as job order employees working in the park and that their long years of service have been jeopardized because of the failure of their former employer to work out their being employed as permanent workers.

Domogan pointed out that it is still best for parents to make sure that their children will be able to acquire the needed higher level of education so that they will be able to land in gainful employment in the future to help improve the living condition of their families by being productive workers

He asserted there are numerous modes on how to acquire a higher level education while being employed that is why it is best for everyone to grab the opportunity of being able to further improve their credentials in preparation for future employment that will provide them with the salaries they deserve.

By Dexter A. See

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