Thanks to Samaritan, cabbie can continue dialysis

There are Samaritans out there, one of whom just shelled out P17,870 that restored the fistula of an ailing taxi driver, enabling him to continue his life-time dialysis.

The cash support sent by former world champion Julian Chess from his base in Germany enabled kidney patient Genaro Karganilla to have his fistula restored and be able to earn again.

Heart and fistula surgeon Ray Aswat of the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center restored the patient's fistula last Friday through a procedure known as "ballooning" that cleared arterial and vein passageways blocked by hardened blood cells.

"Dr. Aswat had to do the procedure the soonest possible time, knowing pretty well that delay might result in complications requiring more difficulties in addressing the problem," noted dialysis nurse Carmen Bumatnong who contacted media on the appeal for support

Upon reading the appeal, Chees who, for years has been on a support program for indigent patients here, advised his contacts to divert part of funds intended for other patients not in emergency situations to address Karganilla's case.

"We can still have the time to amounts for the original beneficiaries whose needs are not as urgent," Chees said.

For years now, Chess has been reaching to the seek and needy in the Cordillera as head of the JC-Kinderhilfe Foundation he organized with student Renate Doth under the Japan Karate Association. No stranger to poverty, Chees grew up helplessly watching terminally ill patients in his native Maligcong, Bontoc, Mt. Province,

The chance to be of help came after he was invited as member of the German national team whose members hoe collided with in international kata and kumita competitions of the JKA. So December, 2013, he was in Capiz where he and workers of the Benguet Electric Cooperative distributed some P800,000 worth of rice and cash to typhoon victims.

"In no time after the typhoon, I posted on my e-mail an appeal and friends from all over Germany sent their support," he recalled.

His last remittance of E1,000 totaled P62,697,19 on the Western Union, from which the support to Karganilla came from. The rest of the amount will be accounted in future publications. – Ramon Dacawi

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