The Top 3, Awaiting for the proclamation







The Top 3, awaiting for the proclamation, Vice Mayor Elect Danny Farinas, Mayor Elect Mauricio G. Domogan and Congressman Elect Bernardo Vergara


Iglesia endorses top Timpuyog candidates


BAGUIO CITY, May 07 – The influential Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) officially endorsed the congressional, mayoralty and vice-mayoralty candidates of the Timpuyog ti Baguio. Four of the coalition’s aspiring councilors were included in the endorsement.

Engr. Bernardo M. Vergara, the party’s congressional bet, incumbent Rep. Mauricio G. Domogan who is coming back as the city mayor and re-electionist Vice-Mayor Daniel T. Farinas won the endorsement of the INC Baguio congregation for the elective positions they are nowaspiring for, allegedly, for their track record of good performance in office.

The candidates for city councilor included in the INC’s shortlist are re-electionists Nicasio Aliping, Perlita Chan-Rondez, Nicasio Palaganas, Richard Carino, Isabelo Cosalan Jr. and Betty Lourdes Tabanda while “comebacking” Elmer Datuin and newcomers Filian Weygan, Edison Bilog, Peter Fianza and Cynthia Tabora-Tuazon also landed in the slate. The INC endorsement practically sealed what appeared to become a landslide victory for the top three Timpuyog bets for the top three positions. The INC has a reputation of voting as a block.

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Timpuyog wins mock election


Baguio City-- In what appears to be the outcome of the upcoming May 10 election, the Timpuyog ti Baguio candidates led by mayoralty candidate Mauricio G. Domogan  and congressional candidate Bernardo M. Vergara showed up with more than 5,000 volunteer campaigners in a show of force at the Athletic Bowl for a rally that can be dubbed as a dress rehearsal for the group’s miting de avance on May 8, 2010.

This development came two days after the Timpuyog triumvirate of Vergara (for congressman) Domogan (for mayor) and vice mayoralty candidate Danny Farinas surprisingly won a mock election at the People’s Park conducted by followers of the opposing party. The mock election was obviously meant to favor a group and was actually designed to condition the mind of the electorate but to their surprise, people went on to vote for the three Timpuyog candidates to the dismay of the organizers.

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Timpuyog Candidates

Timpuyog candidates led by Mayoralty candidate Mauricio G. Domogan joined by more than 5,000 volunteer campaigners made their pledge of loyalty during their campaign rally last Friday April 30, a rehearse for their Meeting De Avance next week. *** by Janardhan Kumar


Mauricio G. Domogan joined their more than 5,000 volunteers

Timpuyog candidates led by Mayoralty candidate Mauricio G. Domogan joined their more than 5,000 volunteers during their show of force last April 30, a rehearse on the groups Meeting De Avance on May 8 next Saturday. *** by Janardhan Kumar



Leading Mayoralty Candidate Mauricio G. Domogan (Center) and Vice Mayoralty Candidate Danny Farinas (Right) articulating their platform of government during their COMELEC Hour appearance at a local TV station with their TV host Ala Sunduan (Left)  asking the questions.


Peace and order pivotal for a good local economy

BAGUIO CITY, April 08 – The presence of a good peace and order program crafted through consistent consultations with all stakeholders will be able to restore the vitality of the economy of this Summer Capital of the Philippines.

According to him, once given the chance to be back as the city’s local chief executive, he will initiate frequent consultations among law enforcers, school officials, parents and teachers and barangay officials to come out with a sustainable and attainable peace and order program like what he had been doing when he was the “janitor” of the city from 1992 to 2001.

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“A good teamwork amongst new officials, a must” - Domogan

By Janardhan Kumar

Baguio City—A good teamwork among the incoming new set of officials is very important for a cohesive effort to solve pressing problems related to garbage, the dilapidated public market, tourism, peace and order, among others.

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Market development must be with the vendors - Domogan


Baguio City--  The development of the city’s public market is the best way to clean it up and address the traffic congestion in the central business district, mayoralty candidate Mauricio G. Domogan said this week and he will make it a priority when he returns as the city’s chief executive.

Domogan however said that the legitimate market vendors should be partners in any development initiative for the public market. “We cannot neglect the vendors. We should negotiate and strike a compromise with them including the Uniwide Corporation”. He however emphasize that it should now be the city that should finance the development and the only reason for Uniwide’s involvement is its having won the market development contract in 1995. This is the only way we can settle the market development problem,” he explained.

The city had a development plan for the public market in 1995 when Domogan was the city mayor. The matter however was brought to court by some vendors and it was stalled.  After more than a decade, the court finally ruled in favor of the city. The vendor appealed the case and is still pending in the Court of Appeals.

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Timpuyog bets warn public on smear campaign

BAGUIO CITY, May 04 – The Timpuyog ti Baguio coalition warned the city’s electorate to be vigilant on the expected smear campaign its rivals will launch due to their desperation to win, even through the dirtiest means, in the forthcoming May 10, 2010 automated elections.

This warning to the public was issued by three-time Rep. Mauricio G. Domogan, who is seeking election as city mayor, so that the voters will not be fooled by the desperate acts of some ambitious politicians to fool the people with unfounded and baseless accusations. This came about as recent surveys show that their rivals are way behind as to their chances in the coming polls.

Aside from circulating malicious flyers to discredit the leading congressional, mayoralty and vice-mayoralty candidates of the Timpuyog, the smear campaign will mainly be through the electronic media (the Internet) using falsified or altered data and photos to maliciously depict the Timpuyog bets.

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Timpuyog bets show vaunted winning form in homestretch


BAGUIO CITY, April 30 – The congressional, mayoralty and vice-mayoralty candidates of the Timpuyog ti Baguio coalition here have already showed their vaunted winning form with only over a week before the conduct of the May 2010 first-ever automated elections.

Aside from consistently topping the surveys of various independent groups, Timpuyog congressional hopeful Engr. Bernardo M. Vergara, come backing mayor and incumbent Rep. Mauricio G. Domogan and re-elocutionist vice-mayor Daniel T. Farinas have been receiving numerous endorsements from respected groups all over the city because of their unblemished track record in lifting up the city from the rubbles of the July 16, 1990 killer earthquake.

Lately, the influential Blessed Association of Retired Persons (BARP) officially endorsed the candidacy of Vergara for congressman, Domogan as the city mayor and Farinas as the city vice-mayor since they have been proven to be the appropriate leaders to help restore and bring back the glory days of the city.

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Inspirational Message

Mayoralty Candidate Mauricio G. Domogan delivering his inspirational message to the more than 5,000 volunteers of the Timpuyog ti Baguio during their Campaign Rally last Friday April 30, a prelude to the group's Meeting De Avance on May 8, 2010. *** by Janardhan Kumar


Solon cites BLISTT growth area to solve Baguio’s problems


BAGUIO CITY, April 23 – The realization of the 15-year old expanded Baguio-La Trinidad-Itogon-Sablan-Tuba-Tublay (BLISTT) growth area is the key to putting an end to the numerous problems being encountered by Baguio City due to rapid urbanization.


This was bared by three-term Rep. Mauricio G. Domogan, who accepted the challenge of multi-sectoral groups to come back as the city’s mayor in order to bring back the glory days of Baguio, adding that the BLISTT concept is the potential solution to help address the city’s garbage, water, traffic and other problems caused by over population.


The BLISTT growth area is being pursued by the Regional Development Council (RDC) in the Cordillera in order to address the worsening problems of the city as well as promoting the development of areas surrounding Baguio City similar to the Greater Manila Area (GMA).


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Road Concreting Project

Barangay Captain Virgilio Orca of North Sanitary Camp leads in the ribbon cutting of a road concreting project funded from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of Cong. Mauricio G. Domogan.*** Photo by: MAR OCLAMAN


“Tourism must be revitalized”

by Joel B. Belinan

Baguio City— “A good environment, a peaceful and orderly city, the hospitable attitude of our people and good city services are the key to the revitalization of the local tourism industry,” mayoralty candidate Mauricio G. Domogan said this week.

Tourism revitalization is one of Domogan’s programs of government noting the fact that a big part of the city’s revenue comes from the tourism industry, and from the educational sector. If these five factors are all set in place and with our big advantage of having a much cooler climate, whether we like it or not, we will continue to grow as a tourism destination and as an educational center of the north, he explained.

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Education and sports dev’t to solve Baguio youth violence


BAGUIO CITY, April 16 – The city government here must have a re-engineered education and sports development program in order to help curb the increasing youth violence as well as the literacy rate in the city.

This was underscored by three-term Rep. Mauricio G. Domogan, adding the implementation of a well-rounded education and sports development program will help  the youth busy and attract them to enter school, thus, reducing the number of those out-of-school  who are often involved in violence and other criminal activities.

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