Drum and Lyre Competition


Drum and Lyre of the Mabini Elementary School who won the recent Drum and Lyre Competition conducted by the cuty is receiving their award from Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan and Vice Mayor Daniel Farinas during the last Monday Flag Ceremony.


Environmental Recycling System (ERS)

Best gift for Baguio People: Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan is all smile as he switch-on the Environmental Recycling System (ERS) machine that was just installed at the Irisan Composting plants. He is being accompanied by Pro-Tech Corporation (Supplier of the machine) Officials and technicians. The machine starts operating December 24.


Christmas activities still on

BAGUIO CITY -  Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week during the media Ugnayan urged Baguio residents to join hands in celebrating Christmas in a manner that defies commercialism and befits solemnity.

Christmas should be celebrated not with plenty gifts, food and drinks but with thanksgiving in our hearts for the yearlong countless blessings received, he said. “We should not forget that Jesus Christ being born for us is in itself an immeasurable gift, thus our gift for him in return should be our lives unblemished by continuous sinning. In the first place, He is the one who has given us life, upholds and preserves us every second of the day,” he added.   

“Let us turn a deaf ear on, and forget every word of insult we hear, and be as mute so as not to utter nasty and spiteful words that defame our neighbors and their rightful reputation,” he further said.

The mayor also enjoined the people to enjoy with family and friends, the activities organized by the city government.

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City council to hold special session on proposed budget

BAGUIO CITY – The city council will hold a special session on Dec. 28 at 2 p.m. to tackle the proposed city budget for year 2011.

The deliberations will focus on the proposed budgets of each of the city departments and the prioritization of the projects to be financed from the 20 percent development fund which need careful review and adjustments.

Members of the Local Finance Committee are expected to participate in the deliberations.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan submitted a proposed budget of P1,091,095,000 which is higher by P34 million from the current budget of P1,057,183,000.

As proposed, the estimated income will come from the beginning balance of P150,000,000; local taxes amounting to P287,750,000; permits and licenses – P15,120,000; service income – P36,195,000; business income – P59,430,000; other income of P100,100,000; Internal Revenue Allotment – P432,000,000; and gains accounts amounting to P10,500,000.

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Irisan folks welcome ERS

BAGUIO CITY – residents of Irisan flocked Tuesday the ceremonial “switching on” of the Environmental Recycling System (ERS) machines at the Irisan dumpsite with apprehensions.

City Mayor Mauricio Domogan personally visited the site where the machines are installed as technicians from Japan explained how it works.

No other than the inventor of the ERS machine Mr. Shinichi Shimose, Protech President Mr. Jun Shimizu, Protech Phil. Vice President Luis Lu Jr. with their engineers welcomed the mayor and other guests during the half day on-site visit.

Questions from residents regarding issues and their opposition to the dumping of garbage in the area were answered during a short dialogue with Mayor Domogan.

Protech clarified bio-degradable waste collected will immediately be processed by the ERS while residuals will be hauled at no cost to the city thereby removing fears of garbage piling up at the dumpsite.

The machines, once fully operational will compost a total of 48 tons of bio-degradable waste daily, eventually the garbage deposited here will also be fed into the machine, Domogan said.

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P128M equipment for garbage arrive as city pays P16M for waste dumping in Tarlac


BAGUIO CITY– Things started to pick up for the new waste management scheme of the city government with the arrival last Dec. 8 of the two imported Environment Recycling System (ERS) waste composting machines that can process a big chunk of the city’s biodegradable wastes and thereby ease its garbage misery.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan last Thursday said the machines are expected to be fully operational on or before Dec. 18, set to process 48 of the 66 tons of biodegradable wastes daily even as the Manila-based Pro Tech Machinery Corporation, the authorized representative of the Japanese company Shimizu and Company Ltd. from whom the machines were purchased, will begin hauling out the city’s residual and recyclable discards starting this week.

The mayor expressed confidence that the city can fully stop hauling out wastes to Tarlac in six months.

“By May 31 next year, we expect to totally stop hauling but we are confident that we can attain this goal even before that, hopefully by February,” he said.

He said the city did not allot any budget for tipping fee to the Tarlac facility which costs P 2,100 per ton, expecting that no large-scale hauling will be required when the machines begin operating and the company undertakes hauling of residual wastes at no cost to the city.

The mayor expressed hopes that everything will turn out as planned for the ERS machines which cost the city P128 million.


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"Smoking Ban” pushed citywide


BAGUIO CITY – City Officials launched Monday the Environmentally Sustainable Healthy Urban Transport Program (ESHUT) and the 100% Smoke Free Baguio which is spearheaded by the Department of Health (DOH) and the Health Services Office (HSO).

The program aims to strengthen the implementation of Republic Act 9211 (Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003) and Republic Act 8749 or the Clean Air Act to achieve a 100% smoke free environment.

Among the highlights which will be implemented citywide is the “no smoking” in all public places except in designated smoking areas.

These include private workplaces (enclosed) which are open to the general public and government properties which include all indoor, shaded, enclosed or confined areas of government agency premises, buildings or grounds except in open spaces designated for smoking. Also included in the list are public transport terminals, buses, taxis and jeepneys, schools and centers of youth activity, restaurants, malls and other public places.

A ten thousand fine is awaiting violators including revocation of business or building permits.


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Association of Barangay Councils of the City

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan admnistering the Oath of Office of the newly elected officers of the Association of Barangay Councils of the City  immediately after their election last Tuesday. The officers are led by its re-elected President who will continue to seat as City Councilor in the city Council, Councilor Joel Alangsab (2nd. from Right).


Anti-Gambling Rally

Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan during an anti-gambling rally organized by the various churches in Baguio urges for the church to help the city's campaign against illegal gambling by supporting the beleaguered Police, Public  Order and safety Division Staffs and Mayor's Office Staff who were charged in court for raiding an illegal number game dens.


Best Christmas Gift for the people of Baguio

Best Christmas Gift for the people of Baguio: Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan inspecting the two Environmental Recycling System (ERS) Machine at the Irisan composting plant last Monday that hopes to provide for a permanent solution to the city’s solid waste problem. He is accompanied by Pro-Tech Corporation (supplier of the machine) officials and technicians who installed the ERS and expect to start operation December 24.


‘BCC buy’ debt now P316-M; MGD keeps eye on city ownership

BAGUIO CITY – “The last two minutes ain’t… But some just can’t stop working even on holidays.”

Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week guaranteed he’d work overtime, even over the yuletide season, looking for ways on how to salvage city ownership of the Baguio Convention Center (BCC).

This, in the heels of another Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) bill placing unpaid amortizations and interests of the P250-million decrepit realty to P360-million.

Domogan lamented, “Unfortunately, no [substantial] payments have been tendered by previous administrations. The last payment was in 2007; but even then, the P50-million advanced was only enough to cover interests.”

Domogan revealed he met with GSIS president Roberto Vergara, December 15, where he said he tried to lobby for leash.

“Unfortunately,” the mayor disclosed, “[Vergara] said the maximum amount within his power to condone is only up to P50-million.”

He likewise divulged the GSIS board can stretch condonation by approving the amount of P8.5-million over the P50-million, but the same can only be done when they finally convene after the holiday season.

It could be remembered a GSIS-City Government deal was entered into February 18, 2003 providing the city shall acquire the BCC for P250-million payable within 90-days from date of contract signing. The mode of payment was “in treasury bonds.”

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Mayor okays firecracker sale; eyes total ban next year

BAGUIO CITY – Giving in to appeals for humanitarian consideration, Mayor Mauricio Domogan approved a city council resolution allowing anew the centralized sale of firecrackers in the city subject to strict conditions.

The mayor, however, expressed hopes that this will be the last time that the city will allow such undertaking citing the need to impose a total ban on sale and use of firecrackers for safety and health reasons.

The mayor earlier expressed reservations in approving the council resolution hoping to implement the total ban this year and instead allow the city government to hold a centralized fireworks display but he eventually relented taking into consideration the plight of the vendors who will be benefited by the livelihood opportunity.

“Hope that this will be the last time that the City approves the sale of pyrotechnic (devices) considering the so many disadvantages that even the Department of Health has stated and continues to say,” the mayor said in his marginal note when he signed Resolution No.276 series of 2010.

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We join the whole christiandom in the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ with high hopes of success as we hurdle another milestone in our lives. Christmas remind us of the supreme sacrifice that Christ has made for mankind when he gave up his life for the forgiveness of our sins.

It is our belief that as we celebrate the Yuletide season, we will be able to reflect on our way of life and try to assess if we were able to live the way Christ wanted us to put to practice his own humble and simple way of life. Christmas is a time for sharing, loving, caring and forgiveness. However, such virtues should be put to practice in accordance to the desire of the Grand Architect of the Universe to have peace on earth.

As we go along to face future challenges that come our way in the coming of a new year, let us continue enhancing our unity, teamwork and cooperation so that we will be able to confront our problems, especially in our city, in order to bring back its grandeur that continues to make it as a prime tourist destination in our country. We are happy that the City Government is able gain headway in our goals and objectives for the advancement of our city in terms of tourism, trade and commerce, environmental protection solid waste management, peace and order among others because of our proactive, participatory and people-oriented governance. Let us strengthen our partnership in the coming years in order to fully achieve our dreams and aspirations for our city with the blessings of the Almighty and your consistent support, consideration and understanding.

Again, Merry Christmas and a Bountiful and prosperous New Year to one and all!


City Mayor



City raid team cock legal guns on Malcolm Square Bocap, et al. over ‘bingo’

BAGUIO CITY – “We have no other recourse but to file counter-charges.”

Thus said mayor Mauricio Domogan adding, “[Concerned] employees of our Public Order and Safety Division (POSD) are now preparing counter-affidavits against officials of Malcolm Square barangay [for violation of Presidential Decree No. 1602 – the anti-illegal gambling law].”

This, following a sequence of events arising from a joint POSD-Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) raid of a suspected gambling lair at 22 Jacinto St., Barangay Malcolm Square, November 29.

During the Ugnayan presser hosted by DZEQ ‘Radio ng Bayan’ last week he revealed Atty. George Dumawing, Jr. will represent POSD officers against whom Punong Barangay William Domoguen filed multiple charges against.

“City Legal Officer (CLO) Melchor Carlos Rabanes on the other hand shall be representing them [a propos] the contempt charge,” he added.

In a complaint dated December 1, Domoguen accused POSD chief Fernando Moyaen, executive assistant III Policarpio Cambod, and their police complement of illegal arrest, grave coercion, robbery, extortion, and usurpation of authority.

Domoguen maintained the raided activity - ‘Pamaskong Handog Super Bingo sa Barangay’ – is legal by virtue of barangay resolution No. 15-2010 authorizing the conduct thereof.

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Sangguniang Kabataan Federation of Baguio


Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan administering the Oath of Office last Monday of the winning officers of the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation of Baguio led by its newly elected President Denney Carlmein Yangot who will also seat as City Councilor in the City Council.



Christmas in Baguio

A part of the Session Road shows of the merry making that is Christmas in Baguio with all the lights and lanterns shown as sea of people crowd to the city's main road to watch the supposed snow show last Saturday night.

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