Gender sensitivity is a two-way affair - alangsab

Why not also launch an annual search for Baguio's outstanding father?

City councilor Joel Alangsab told the city council last Monday that the city should adopt an award program honoring fathers, side-by-side with – or in the aftermath of - the already existing but not fully implemented search for Baguio's outstanding mother.

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City Mayor's Office picking and sweeping trash at Bokawkan road


City Hall employees took a time out from their daily routine last June 22 to render a couple of hours cleaning major thoroughfares in the city. In photo are personnel from the City Mayor's Office picking and sweeping trash at Bokawkan road.


Livelihood Assistance Fund


Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan handing the check that contains the loans of some beneficiaries to the city's Livelihood Assistance Fund. The livelihood assistance fund was funded through the Priority Development Assistance Fund when Domogan was still in Congress and which is being administered by the Office of City Social Welfare and Development Office. The program continues to benefit hundreds of families and individuals in the city who wants to help themselves.


Congressional and Regional Development Council Consultation


Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan explaining the five salient points of the HB5995 and SB 3118 during the Mountain Province leg of the joint Congressional and Regional Development Council Consultation in Bontoc. The two bills that are now pending respectively in the House of Representatives and the Senate aimed to establish the Cordillera Autonomous Region.


Mayor orders 'buy back' of ERS fertilizer

BAGUIO CITY – the city government will enforce the agreement it has forged with the company which introduced the multi-million Environmental Recycling System (ERS) machines here.

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Dads weighs rate for Mines view stalls

BAGUIO CITY – the City Council has put on hold approval of the proposed ordinance of Councilor Perlita Chan Rondez which prescribes the rates and allocation of guidelines for stalls in the newly constructed Mines View Multi-purpose building here.

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Practice driving in south drive prohibited

BAGUIO CITY – Acting on complaints as to road safety and traffics situation, Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week issued Administrative Order 78, s. or 2012 prohibiting the use of South Drive road as practice driving area.

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City mourns media matriarch's passing

BAGUIO CITY – The city council on Monday approved a resolution lamenting the passing of media matriarch Cecile C. Afable.

Afable, editor-in-chief of the Baguio Midland Courier, died of a lingering illness last June 12 at the age of 95. She was laid to rest last June 20 at the Baguio City cemetery.

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Mayor forms bodies to jumpstart work on streetlight project

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week formed three bodies to jumpstart the bidding of the streetlight replacement and management venture using the Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.

In Administrative Order No. 77, the mayor created a special bids and awards committee, the technical working group and secretariat to expedite the processing of procurement documents and facilitate the bidding.

The project involves the replacement of all existing streetlights, park lights and all other lights located at overpasses, flyovers and city government-owned buildings and including repair and maintenance with LED bulbs and repair and the maintenance on a private-public partnership and a cost-savings share scheme.

The mayor said the city is now ready to expedite the project which he earlier committed to fast-track.

An inventory of the city's streetlights was completed recently to firm up the terms of reference for the venture approved by the city council.

The bids committee will be chaired by city administrator Carlos Canilao and city budget officer Leticia Clemente.

Assistant city accountant Almaya Addawe will chair the technical working group while the secretariat will be led by administrative officer Arnulgo Baldos.

As per the approved TOR, the deal will involve the replacement of all streetlights, park lights, including lights in overpasses, flyovers and City Government owned buildings and facilities.

The deal aims to enable the city government to cut on electric cost which presently runs to more or less P38 million a year using energy saving bulbs having a longer life span and environmentally friendly that do not bring damage to people's health. – A Refuerzo


Guidelines on bingo socials issued

BAGUIO CITY – Bingo social activities must be covered by a barangay resolution and a project proposal detailing where the proceeds would go and the duration must not exceed 15 days.

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City officials focus on equal access to the urban space

City officials spent most of last Monday discussing equal access to the urban landscape, not only for car owners but for the carless.

City officials began workday Monday with a breakfast meeting focusing on the constriction of the city's inherently narrow barangay roads by car and jeepney owners who use these as on-street parking areas.

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Commuters face P200 fine for litter thrown from vehicle

BAGUIO CITY – drivers may face sanctions for not providing garbage receptacles inside their Public Utility Vehicles (PUV) and commuters will be sanctioned for throwing litters out of a moving vehicle.

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City considers amendments to 'no plastic use'

BAGUIO CITY – the city government is taking a cautious leap towards attaining its goal of implementing the paper bag ordinance here.

City Mayor Mauricio Domogan during the Executive Legislative Meeting said, 'the strict implementation of the Paper Bag Ordinance is a good step towards minimizing the use of plastic and sando bags in the city, which when used improperly ends up in canals and garbage piles'.

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City Nutrition evaluation team created

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week issued Administrative Order 76, s. or 2012, creating the monitoring and validation committee or the City Nutrition Evaluation Team (CNET).

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Congressman, dep-ed asked to secure more funds for expansion of city schools

BAGUIO CITY – The city council on Monday urged Rep. Bernardo Vergara and the Dept. of Education (DepEd) to source out additional funds for the expansion of the different school facilities in the city.

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City steps up smoking prohibition as mayor calls for amendment of ordinance

BAGUIO CITY – The city government will fortify the implementation of the smoking prohibition within its premises even as Mayor Mauricio Domogan called for the strengthening of the city's anti-smoking ordinance.

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