Council okays Malcolm Square rehab bid

BAGUIO CITY – The city council on Monday bolstered the call for the rehabilitation of Malcolm Square or People's Park to restore its grandeur as favorite venue for various activities.

The body approved a resolution proposed by Councilor Elmer Datuin for this purpose.

"Malcolm Square has been the city's traditional event area for all kinds of public and private activities in the City of Baguio since time immemorial (and) there is now a need to build and construct a brand new Malcolm Square that will truly be people-friendly and with multipurpose use and be a showcase of the city in terms of design reflecting a green architecture with multipurpose functionality," the approved resolution noted.

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Dads okay socialized housing accreditation

BAGUIO CITY – The city council pushed for the accreditation of the city government with the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) to enable the city to avail of the Localized Community Mortgaged Program (LCMP) for its housing projects.

The LCMP of the SHFC enables qualified partner-local government units (LGUs) to apply for an Omnibus Commitment Line (OCL) not exceeding P 50-million which can be made available through the SHFC to accommodate priority projects identified by the partner-LGUs.

The body last Monday approved the proposed resolution of Councilor Isabelo Cosalan Jr. authorizing Mayor Mauricio Domogan to apply for accredication of the city government with SHFC saying the program can address the housing needs of the city with its many homeless residents in need of low-cost housing projects.

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Used cell phone sale regulation sought

BAGUIO CITY - Councilor Edison Bilog sought the adoption of rules to regulate the sale and purchase of second hand or used cellular phones in the city.

In a proposed ordinance, Bilog sought to declare it "unlawful for any person to purchase and/or sell any second hand or used cellular phones without the accompanying original receipt of the original purchase."

Bilog proposed that in the absence of an original receipt, a certificate of warranty, manual of usage that bears the same serial number of the cellular phone and other certificate of original purchase from the manufacturer may substitute for the original receipt required in the sale and purchase of the cellular phone.

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Mayor bares procedure in availing financial assistance for indigent patients

BAGUIO CITY – Bolstering its commitment to provide services to patients to its indigent residents, the city government has strengthened its 'Indigent Patient Program' which will provide financial assistance to those who cannot afford to pay their bills.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan signed Administrative order No. 96 series of 2011 for the adoption of a flow chart which explains in detail the steps and procedures in availing the financial assistance to indigent patients who are residents of the city.

Patients wanting to avail of the financial assistance will first approach a Sanguniang Panglungsod (SP) member and secure a referral letter addressed to the City social Welfare and Development Office (OCSWADO).

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“No bigotry against Muslims in our city while we sit” – Domogan

BAGUIO CITY - "Under our laws, we treat everyone without distinction."

Thus assured mayor Mauricio Domogan during the Ugnayan presser hosted by DZEQ 'Radio ng Bayan', August 10 as the month-long Ramadan celebration reaches halfway point.

Applauding about 10,000-Baguio Muslims' observance of the holy month in arduous fasting, the mayor guaranteed he will, in his own way, take part in the sect's profound prayers for peace and continued harmonious relationship in the community.

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Alternative solutions for waste disposal launched

BAGUIO CITY – the city thru the Environment and Parks management Office (CEPMO) is embarking on a strategy to help clean the city's water ways and tributaries of wastes while providing alternative means of clean energy for households.

The alternative technology introduced is the use of 'Bio-digesters' or a device to collect methane gas from animal manure and other wastes.

A training workshop on building and operating the family sized bio-digester was formally launched last august 10 at the Baguio Sewage Treatment Plant at the North Sanitary Camp this city.

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City, DENR, DPWH fuse to resist Chuntug lot private use

BAGUIO CITY – Some things do last beyond one's lifetime.

Yu Hwa Ping, the businessman who never gave up his quest to develop a parcel of lot along Chuntug Street had reason to celebrate early 2010 when the Office of the President (OP) granted his wish to secure title over a controversial property a few months before he passed on.

But the City Government, Department of Environment and Natural Resouces (DENR)-Cordillera, and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH-Cordillera won't make it easy on his heirs.

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551 awarded night market slots

BAGUIO CITY – A total of 551 have been awarded slots in the city's night market project along Harrison Road as of August 9.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan authorized the transfer of the temporary night market from the Athletic Bowl to Harrison Road starting July 25 due to the onset of the rainy season and the lean season for tourist arrival in the city.

Lawyer Dennis Ruiz of the city legal office who heads the screening committee for the vendors said the selection process will continue until they are able to complete the 1,050 slots.

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Team created to draft city’s sports code

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan this week signed Administrative Order No. 95 series of 2011 officially creating a Technical Working Committee (TWC) to draft the city's sports code.

City Administrator Carlos Canilao has been tasked to chair the drafting committee in formulating the city's Comprehensive Sports Development Program (CSPD) which will be incorporated in the proposed city sports code.

The SangunianPanglungsod Committee on Youth Welfare and Sports Development will co-chair the TWC with members coming from the City Sports Development Office, City Public Information Office, City Mayors Office, City Administrators Office and 3 representatives from duly accredited sports organizations in the city.

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Use of bayong pushed

BAGUIO CITY – Residents should patronize the use of "bayong" instead of plastic bags in their daily activities.

Councilor Edgardo Bilog, in a proposed resolution, said the city government should encourage this as a measure to help in the worldwide campaign to reduce toxic wastes and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Bilog said that since plastic bags are "waste materials that can add to the upshot of climate change," residents should learn to avoid their use and instead turn to bayongs.

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Ban kids in smoking areas – bilog

BAGUIO CITY – Children below 18 years old must not be allowed within areas designated for smokers.

Councilor Edison Bilog broached this in a proposed ordinance which declares it "unlawful for any person, owner, operator, administrator, manager or person-in-charge of operation of restaurants, eateries and other similar establishments to allow children below 18 years of age to loiter, stay or be seated at designated smoking areas within subject establishments."

Bilog said this is one way of safeguarding the health of the youth and at the same time inculcate in them the hazards of smoking.

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Rainwater harvesting project

BAGUIO CITY – An experimental project for a rainwater catchment basin beside the Baguio Convention Center is being mulled over, Mayor Mauricio Domogan revealed last week during the weekly media forum at city hall.

The mayor is concerned with water shortage in the city during the summer months, but with over supply during the rainy season, thus the water reservoir experimental project.

As to records, the city receives a big volume of rainfall during the rainy months which overflows to bigger bodies of water. Said potential water source should be harnessed within available space, Mayor Domogan made known.

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Mayor clarifies stand on ancestral land claims

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan affirmed anew that the city government respects the claims of ancestral land applicants in the city as long as these are legitimate Igorot claims qualified for disposition as ancestral land under existing laws.

The mayor issued the clarification anew to dispel allegations that the city has waged a blanket tirade against all ancestral land claimants in the city.

The mayor said the city is only after bogus land claims that seek to undermine protected areas like the Forbes Park, Wright Park and others to the detriment of the city and residents.

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Domogan releases P.3 million in livelihood loans

Mayor Mauricio Domogan released last Monday P305,000 in non-security, no-interest loans to 33 individuals and groups needing capital to start or prop up their livelihood projects ranging from soap and yoghourt making to cut flower propagation.

At the turn-over of checks in his office, the mayor advised the grantees to pay back the non-collateral loans so that others from Baguio will also be able to access the same coming from his Priority Development Allocation Fund (PDAF) as a congressman prior to his return as mayor.

"Pagragsakan mi no usarenyoitipagsayaatanyodayta a gated," he told the grantees in Ilocano, adding that their repayment would ensure continuity of the fund support.

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Session road cement tree removal probe urged

BAGUIO CITY – A probe team was formed here to investigate the alleged arbitrary removal of the cement pine tree at the Session Road rotunda as ordered by the Office of the Ombudsman.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan issued Administrative Order No. 89 constituting an ad hoc committee composed of Dept. of Public Works and Highways City District Engineer IreneoGallato as chair and with city engineer Leo Bernardez and city legal officer Melchor Carlos Rabanes as members to conduct the probe.

The mayor said this is to comply with the directive of the Office of the Ombudsman through acting deputy ombudsman for Luzon Wilbert Candelaria last June 15 for the Office of the City Mayor to spearhead said investigation.

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The Ten Commandments building constructed at the Dominican Hill which was donated to the City Government of Baguio stand majestically and is now open to the public as a Tourist come-on. The building will serve as a meditation center for residents and visitors.

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