Solon cites BLISTT growth area to solve Baguio’s problems


BAGUIO CITY, April 23 – The realization of the 15-year old expanded Baguio-La Trinidad-Itogon-Sablan-Tuba-Tublay (BLISTT) growth area is the key to putting an end to the numerous problems being encountered by Baguio City due to rapid urbanization.


This was bared by three-term Rep. Mauricio G. Domogan, who accepted the challenge of multi-sectoral groups to come back as the city’s mayor in order to bring back the glory days of Baguio, adding that the BLISTT concept is the potential solution to help address the city’s garbage, water, traffic and other problems caused by over population.


The BLISTT growth area is being pursued by the Regional Development Council (RDC) in the Cordillera in order to address the worsening problems of the city as well as promoting the development of areas surrounding Baguio City similar to the Greater Manila Area (GMA).


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Leading Mayoralty Candidate Mauricio G. Domogan (Center) and Vice Mayoralty Candidate Danny Farinas (Right) articulating their platform of government during their COMELEC Hour appearance at a local TV station with their TV host Ala Sunduan (Left)  asking the questions.


Peace and order pivotal for a good local economy

BAGUIO CITY, April 08 – The presence of a good peace and order program crafted through consistent consultations with all stakeholders will be able to restore the vitality of the economy of this Summer Capital of the Philippines.

According to him, once given the chance to be back as the city’s local chief executive, he will initiate frequent consultations among law enforcers, school officials, parents and teachers and barangay officials to come out with a sustainable and attainable peace and order program like what he had been doing when he was the “janitor” of the city from 1992 to 2001.

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“A good teamwork amongst new officials, a must” - Domogan

By Janardhan Kumar

Baguio City—A good teamwork among the incoming new set of officials is very important for a cohesive effort to solve pressing problems related to garbage, the dilapidated public market, tourism, peace and order, among others.

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Market development must be with the vendors - Domogan


Baguio City--  The development of the city’s public market is the best way to clean it up and address the traffic congestion in the central business district, mayoralty candidate Mauricio G. Domogan said this week and he will make it a priority when he returns as the city’s chief executive.

Domogan however said that the legitimate market vendors should be partners in any development initiative for the public market. “We cannot neglect the vendors. We should negotiate and strike a compromise with them including the Uniwide Corporation”. He however emphasize that it should now be the city that should finance the development and the only reason for Uniwide’s involvement is its having won the market development contract in 1995. This is the only way we can settle the market development problem,” he explained.

The city had a development plan for the public market in 1995 when Domogan was the city mayor. The matter however was brought to court by some vendors and it was stalled.  After more than a decade, the court finally ruled in favor of the city. The vendor appealed the case and is still pending in the Court of Appeals.

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Livelihood Assistance Program through the OCSWADO

Congressman Mauricio G. Domogan releasing the Loan Assistance to beneficiaries of his Livelihood Assistance Program through the OCSWADO.


Panagbenga 2010

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Idisan Apunan Community Association

United we stand, Divided we fall- This seems to what are in the minds of the officers of the Idisan Apunan Community Association (IACA) which was inducted by Cong. Mauricio G. Domogan last February 6, 2010 at the Harvesters Learning Center, East Bayan Park, Aurora Hill. The Officers are; President-Gloria Abibuag, Vice President-Julio S. Daluyan Jr. Secretaries- Gloria Carantes and Rhea Cruz, Treasurers-Josephine Datud and Irene Saley, Auditor-Gloria Padang, P.R.O- Romeo Banan and Juliuis Panayo, Business Manager-Lilet Ram and Cherry Tello, Sergeant-at-arms-William Balisong and Johnson Tamayo. ****Photos by Mar Oclaman


Six New National High Schools in Baguio

BAGUIO CITY—Six annexes of the Pines City National High School and the Baguio City National High School have become independent national high schools due to bills authored by Congressman Mauricio G. Domogan.

The first was the Pinsao Annex of the Pines City National High School (PCNHS) that became independent when Republic Act 9843 was signed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on December 10, 2009. It was then followed by the Magsaysay Annex of the same school and the Roxas Annex of the Baguio City National High School (BCNHS) when RA 9865 and RA 9869, respectively, were signed into law by the President last December 20, 2009.

Then on December 31 during the First Family’s stay at the Mansion House, President Arroyo signed into law RA 9894 converting the Joaquin Smith Annex of the PCNHS into into an independent National High School. Again on January 7, 2010 the President signed RA 9918 that separated the Bonifacio Annex from the PCNHS and RA 9881 that also separated the Loakan Annex from the BCNHS. Both annexes are also now national high schools.

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Road Concreting Project

Barangay Captain Virgilio Orca of North Sanitary Camp leads in the ribbon cutting of a road concreting project funded from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of Cong. Mauricio G. Domogan.*** Photo by: MAR OCLAMAN


“Tourism must be revitalized”

by Joel B. Belinan

Baguio City— “A good environment, a peaceful and orderly city, the hospitable attitude of our people and good city services are the key to the revitalization of the local tourism industry,” mayoralty candidate Mauricio G. Domogan said this week.

Tourism revitalization is one of Domogan’s programs of government noting the fact that a big part of the city’s revenue comes from the tourism industry, and from the educational sector. If these five factors are all set in place and with our big advantage of having a much cooler climate, whether we like it or not, we will continue to grow as a tourism destination and as an educational center of the north, he explained.

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Education and sports dev’t to solve Baguio youth violence


BAGUIO CITY, April 16 – The city government here must have a re-engineered education and sports development program in order to help curb the increasing youth violence as well as the literacy rate in the city.

This was underscored by three-term Rep. Mauricio G. Domogan, adding the implementation of a well-rounded education and sports development program will help  the youth busy and attract them to enter school, thus, reducing the number of those out-of-school  who are often involved in violence and other criminal activities.

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Garbage Disposal will be my Priority - Domogan

Baguio City-- The hope of seeing this city regaining its crown as the Cleanest and Greenest Highly Urbanized City in the entire country is now up with mayoralty candidate Mauricio G. Domogan vowing to make the garbage problem on top of his agenda once elected to the city’s chief executive post.

“My first agenda if ever given the chance to go back to the mayor’s office is to address the garbage disposal problem,”  Domogan said during the start of the local campaign this week. “We were able to do it before, with the cooperation of everyone, there is no reason we can’t do it again,” he said, adding.

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Commencement Exercise

Congressman Mauricio G. Domogan giving time to the next generation. He is seen here with Daycare graduates during their commencement exercise at the Baguio Convention Center.


Circumferential Road Project at the Eastern Link

Congressman Mauricio G. Domogan conducted an ocular inspection on the ongoing Circumferential Road Project at the Eastern Link (Happy Hallow-Country Club area) last week. *** Photo by Mar Oclaman


Barangay Multi-Purpose Buildings

Barangay Multi-Purpose Buildings- Three Barangay Multi-purpose building funded through the Priority Development Assistance Fund of Congressman Mauricio G. Domogan last January 30. This includes the newly rehabilitated Multi-Purpose Building of Barangay Lourdez Subdivision Extension, the new barangay Multi-Purpose Building of Quezon Hill Proper and the new Multi-Purpose Building of barangay Middle Rock Quarry. ****Photos by Mar Oclaman
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